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Directing the most complex and crucial

Tracking program progress

Multi-phased improvement programs can be daunting tasks, made up of countless design, bidding, and construction aspects all needing to adhere to strict scheduling and budget parameters. To keep track of all the moving parts, clients need a qualified and experienced program management team.

Garver’s team of organized engineers can provide administrative support, project controls, planning, design oversight, right-of-way acquisition, utility coordination, and construction management for the most complex programs. Whether a program aims to improve a statewide highway system, an interstate in the heart of a metropolitan area, or open access to an alternate water supply, Garver’s team can assist in projecting schedules and cost, and risk evaluation while keeping tabs on program health at every step.

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Jerry Holder, PE

Jerry Holder, PE

Director of Transportation

Project Controls

Project controls is Garver's way of providing clients with the independent and timely data necessary to make informed and strategic decisions regarding potential impacts to the overall schedule, scope, and cost.

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