Stormwater Team

Providing efficiency and sustainability

Creating strategic solutions to address stormwater and floodplain regulatory challenges

Garver provides stormwater and floodplain modeling, pumping, planning, and design solutions that maintain regulatory compliance and provide system capacity while delivering high-quality services to our clients. Our hydrology, hydraulics, and water quality experts use cutting-edge technologies to provide information critical to developing defensible decisions and gaining stakeholder buy-in.

Creating, adapting, and maintaining an effective stormwater system requires a consultant who understands the full range of challenges associated with stormwater systems. We have successfully supported numerous stormwater projects for municipalities across Garver’s footprint. Our staff work with utilities to address new and challenging problems, learning how to develop sustainable stormwater systems.

We develop detailed hydrologic and hydraulic models to determine the best value infrastructure required for stormwater projects. Using proven one-dimensional and advanced two-dimensional hydraulic modeling, our team accurately simulates flow in a floodplain and analyzes storm, sanitary, and combined sewer systems, including the necessary pump stations associated with these systems. This allows Garver to assist with stream erosion control, drainage plans, pumping, water quality management, and permitting to develop right-sized infrastructure solutions for sustainable stormwater systems.

Jeff Sober, PE

Jeff Sober, PE

Director of Water Services

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Our Capabilities

Planning and Modeling

Hydrologic & Hydraulic Modeling

Wastewater Treatment

Stormwater Drainage Systems

Water Treatment

Floodplain Management & Flood Risk Reduction

Reclamation and Reuse

Stormwater Quality

Biosolids Optimization

Bridges and Culverts

Distribution, Collection, and Pumping

Master Drainage Planning

Owner’s Advisor

Stormwater Pumping

Owner’s Advisor

Stream Stability & Countermeasures

Operations Assistance

Dams and Reservoirs

Operations Assistance

Independent Technical Reviews

Funding Assistance

Storm Sewer and Trenchless Construction

Construction Management

Stormwater Permitting

Research and Development

Stormwater Monitoring


Water Resource Allocation


Stormwater Utility Rate Studies

Jeff Sober, PE

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Jeff Sober, PE

Director of Water Services

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Jeff Sober, PE


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