Water and Wastewater

COWRA Water Supply Study

Creating a plan to provide communities with a sustainable water supply

The Central Oklahoma Water Resources Authority (COWRA) is a consortium of members representing communities located in Canadian and Kingfisher Counties. Garver completed a master plan to accommodate future commercial and residential growth, providing COWRA communities with a plan to combat the rising costs of purchasing finished water, increasingly stringent drinking water regulations, and the threat of extended drought conditions. We developed population projections and estimated future water demands for the COWRA service area to serve as the basis for evaluating water supply alternatives. Additionally, Garver developed viable components for a water supply portfolio to address short-term and long-term supply deficits. In partnership with COWRA stakeholders, these short- and long-term alternatives were evaluated based on economic and non-economic criteria. This ultimately created a plan to provide COWRA communities with a sustainable water supply.

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