Water and Wastewater

Helena WWTP Nutrient Removal

Meeting Required Limits

Garver’s design allowed the City of Helena’s wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) to achieve NPDES permit compliance, necessary considering it discharges into the environmentally sensitive Cahaba River Basin. Garver’s improvements helped the WWTP achieve a total phosphorous limit of 0.2 mg/l, and included final clarifier improvements, multiple point chemical addition, tertiary mixing and filtration, and process control. Future improvements will address more stringent requirements for phosphorus in addition to an anticipated total nitrogen limit. Garver also recommended immediate operational improvements to help the board maintain compliance with their ADEM consent order for NPDES permit violations.

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We worked with plant staff and city leaders to help convey what it takes to meet both the current and future permit limits, why it’s important to treat for those permit requirements, and why plant improvements are necessary,
Wes Cardwell Project Manager

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