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Paris WWTP Permit Assistance

Preparing a TPDES application to meet discharge limits

The City of Paris, Texas worked with Garver to renew its Texas Pollutant Discharge Elimination (TPDES) permit in June 2020. This permit is a regulatory program to control discharge of pollutants to Texas surface waters. Our team assisted the City with the preparation and submittal of the TPDES permit application, along with review and response to draft Texas Commission on Environmental Quality (TCEQ) review comments. We provided the City with a list of effluent sample analyses that are necessary for the application. After gathering the sampling results, Garver will complete the required forms, which include core data, an administrative form, and various technical report worksheets. After submitting the application to TCEQ, Garver helped the City review TCEQ’s comments and requests for additional information to finalize the permit. We requested previous records and coordinated with TCEQ to complete a technically based local limits (TBLL) reassessment, re-certifying existing local limits.

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