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University of Arkansas Joins MAST

Researchers Partner with NSF, Garver to Advance Development of Membranes for Water Treatment

Having long supported the University of Arkansas College Of Engineering, Garver has now joined an industry partnership to provide the program with a total of $600,000 over three years. The program has joined the National Science Foundation's Membrane, Science, Engineering and Technology (MAST) Center, to focus on developing materials for energy production, water treatment, pharmaceutical purification and chemical processing.

"Garver is making an investment in research and development," said Garver Director of Water Services Steve Jones. "Our commitment to the MAST Center is a major step in that strategic direction."

Garver engineers studied at the College of Engineering under chemical engineering professor Dr. Ranil Wickramasinghe to develop and optimize analytical methods for detecting emerging compounds of concern.

"Our research focus is imperative, not only to the goals of the center, but to a broader community, especially as water becomes a more precious resource," Wickramasinghe said.

Garver's Water Design Center has worked with Wickramasinghe to improve already-cutting-edge membrane technology and looks forward to what the relationship between Garver, the University of Arkansas and the MAST Center will bring in the future.

"Garver engineers are translating their research into improved treatment plant design for water reclamation," said Dr. Michael Watts, senior process engineer in the Water Design Center. "This means our clients will have access to the state-of-the-art, and beyond, in membrane filtration and will see direct benefits to the quality of water in their communities."

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Garver is making an investment in research and development. Our commitment to the MAST Center is a major step in that strategic direction.
Steve Jones Garver Director of Water Services

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