Water and Wastewater

Sugar Land LS Capacity Analysis

Evaluating alternatives to make necessary improvements

The City of Sugar Land, Texas selected Garver to help determine needed regional lift station and collection system improvements. An existing regional lift station was discharging into a receiving 36-inch gravity line that was reaching capacity, so the development team considered redirecting the flows to another service area. Additionally, a future development near the regional lift station was anticipated to be developed for residential, industrial, and commercial land use and contribute additional wastewater flows to the City’s collection system.

Garver analyzed the existing and future flows for the wastewater system and developed alternatives to maximize the City’s existing infrastructure while minimizing the impacts onto the community. The recommended alternative for the regional lift station and future development provided the City the trigger points to begin implementing the infrastructure improvements.

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Because the $470 million CIP has a significant impact on customer cities and the facility, it was critical for the process to include the input of all possible stakeholders, and a constant line of communication was crucial throughout the entire process.
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