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    Sulphur Springs WWTP Improvements

Rehabilitation and Expansion

Garver and the City of Sulphur Springs embarked on a facility-wide treatment plant project in 2014 for the City’s wastewater treatment plant. The existing plant utilized inefficient, aging equipment and was struggling to maintain permit compliance as flow rates increased. Through a preliminary engineering report, Garver conducted a full-scale assessment of the existing plant to determine what infrastructure could be re-used in a plant-wide expansion and improvements project.  The detailed design included conversion of existing aeration basins from surface aerators to full floor diffused air with anoxic basins, pump station, secondary clarifiers, and hydraulic design of the existing cloth filter complex. The design utilized multiple existing infrastructure components, which saved the City millions in construction costs while expanding the plant capacity and improving performance. A significant design component also involved construction phasing that allowed the facility to stay online without limiting process performance while improvements were completed. The construction project is nearing completion and has been successfully funded in all phases through the Texas Water Development Board Clean Water State Revolving Fund loan program

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