TRA CRWS Master Plan

Dallas, TX


Detailed Master Plan leads to 39 capital improvement projects

Garver performed the most-detailed evaluation of the Trinity River Authority (TRA) Central Regional Wastewater System (CRWS), which manages 405 million gallons per day (MGD) of flow. The Garver team evaluated plant capabilities, capacities, and treatment paradigms; projected future flows and loadings; anticipated regulatory requirements; and completed processes and hydraulic modeling assessments while delivering a new plant process model and hydraulic model. The final 20-year Master Plan was the result of a 22-month effort that developed 39 capital improvement projects. Each project evaluation included life cycle cost analysis, uncertainty analysis using Monte Carlos simulations, and non-economic evaluations.

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Because the $470 million CIP has a significant impact on customer cities and the facility, it was critical for the process to include the input of all possible stakeholders, and a constant line of communication was crucial throughout the entire process.
Jeff Sober Garver Texas Water Team Leader

IQ Magazine

IQ Volume 10, Issue 3

In this issue: An extensive master plan and modeling project at the largest tertiary water resource recovery facility in Texas, an improved intrusion detection system at a Tennessee airport, a long-desired east/west oriented freeway in northwest Arkansas, and Garver’s method for assessing storm-related damages.

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