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Proving a commitment to the advancement of Direct Potable Reuse (DPR), Garver partnered with the Pima County Regional Wastewater Reclamation Department and the Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center at the University of Arizona, which is researching the optimization of technologies for the control of chemicals of emerging concern. The highlight of this effort was the WEST DPR mobile pilot trailer, which collected treated effluent from water resource recovery facilities in Arizona, sent the effluent through an advanced water purification process within the trailer, and provided the product water to local breweries to be used in a brewing competition. Garver provided design information for the granular activated carbon filtration system pilot facility, and provided video displays that explain the role of water reuse in the future of drinking water.

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By demonstrating that DPR will create a safe and dependable water supply, communities will benefit from a sustainable solution to a growing water shortage. Relaying the impact of alternative water supplies is just as crucial as creating clean, safe drinking water itself.
Andrea Odegard-Begay Garver Arizona Water Team Leader

IQ Magazine

IQ Volume 10, Issue 3

In this issue: An extensive master plan and modeling project at the largest tertiary water resource recovery facility in Texas, an improved intrusion detection system at a Tennessee airport, a long-desired east/west oriented freeway in northwest Arkansas, and Garver’s method for assessing storm-related damages.

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