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Michael Graves | Chief Operating Officer

For more than a decade, IQ has highlighted Garver’s most impactful projects and client partners. And though you’ll notice some differences in this issue, one thing remains the same: We’re shining a light on how Garver delivers excellence and value to communities across the country. But from now on, IQ will illustrate exactly how and why we’re aligning our most accomplished experts with the vision of our valued clients.

For instance, in this issue, you’ll read about a couple of examples showcasing Garver’s program management services, which allow clients to rest easy knowing that a qualified team is serving your best interests by keeping track of all the nuances involved with large-scale infrastructure improvement programs.

Those services won’t be interrupted, even as so much about our world has changed over the last few months. COVID-19 has impacted all of us, but Garver’s commitment to our clients and communities has not wavered. Starting in the spring, we placed a high priority on communication and developing resources to keep our employees safe, connected, and agile, while seamlessly delivering services to our clients. At the end of the day, there’s nothing more important than Garver’s people and how they’re providing infrastructure solutions to our clients across the country.

Moving forward, we’ll continue to detail all the ways Garver is working with municipalities, DOTs, airports, and others, and we’ll introduce you to the Garver experts making it possible.

At Garver, we strive to be your most trusted advisors, and we want to show you how we’re doing it.

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