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Garver's Federal Team is comprised of dedicated engineers, architects, and technicians who are knowledgeable in the unique criteria that shape federal and military A-E design practices. Garver has designed CONUS vertical and horizontal projects for federal clients from California to Florida, plus military projects at OCONUS locations in Cuba, Hawai'i, Honduras, and Puerto Rico.

Garver's Federal Team has broad experience with numerous USACE districts and Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, National Guard, and Naval bases, offering a diverse background that allows for the efficient solutions necessary to keep military bases running smoothly while fulfilling mission-critical functions.

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Wallace Smith, PE

Wallace Smith, PE

Director of Federal Services

Norfork Dam Bulkhead

The unique spillway closure system consists of a 130,000-pound maintenance bulkhead that runs along a 667-foot-long steel monorail beam attached to the dam. After motorized trolleys slide the 24-foot-high by 48-foot-wide bulkhead in front of a tainter gate bay, the spillway gate is opened.

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