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The airports that we rely on every day are like cities unto themselves, a complex system held together by runways, roadways, facilities, and electrical systems all needing to work in concert to accommodate daily needs for travel and transport. To make sure it all flows as smoothly as possible, an experienced firm needs to have expertise in all of those disciplines.

For more than six decades Garver has been designing runways and hangar facilities, rehabilitating taxiways, updating lighting systems with the most advanced technologies, and bringing to life the most welcoming terminal facilities. Garver’s designs not only accommodate current needs, but are created with future possibilities in mind, while maximizing functionality, funding, and scheduling.

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Mike Griffin, PE

Mike Griffin, PE

Director of Aviation

BNA Hangar Development

Garver provided lead design services for the project, which required work across multiple disciplines, including site and airfield civil, electrical, and fire protection engineering, interior architecture, and project management.

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