IQ Winter 2024

Director’s Insight

Collaborating across disciplines to better serve our clients.

Cross-disciplinary collaboration is built into Garver’s culture. One of the things that sets us apart from other firms is that we don’t have silos or corporate processes that make it difficult to partner with colleagues in other services to maximize the impact we have on our projects.

For instance, Garver and airports make a good match because airports are so complex in their needs, and Garver is so diverse in its abilities. Airports are cities unto themselves that require a high level of expertise in a range of fields in order to function. You need expertise in runway and taxiway design, construction, electrical and mechanical engineering, and long-term planning. We’re able to serve airports in all these capacities, in small task orders or large, community-changing projects.

The new terminal at Kansas City International Airport, which you’ll read about in this issue, is a good example of this. Our work in leading design of airside civil components required the expertise of our structural, water, and construction engineers. It shows the abilities of the multidimensional firm that we are.

The projects highlighted in these pages represent the depth of the technical expertise required to execute a wide array of infrastructure improvements. They vary in size and scope, but all have benefitted from a cross-disciplinary approach that makes use of Garver’s deep bench of services and resources.

We’re comprehensive experts to our clients – the type they can turn to for answers. We call that being a trusted advisor.

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