2019 Impact Report

Our Impact

Since the launch of GarverGives, employees have combined their efforts with those in their office and across the Garver footprint. This type of unity has led to contributions that would have been unattainable without corporate support.

By allowing employees to decide which organizations to support, Garver encourages them to contribute to the organizations in their communities that satisfy their passions, which has led our company to contribute to a diverse list of school districts and charities.

Year in Review - 2019

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Our STEM Contributions

Our STEM Contributions

Providing support to the next generation of engineers, which aids both our communities and our profession, is a primary point of emphasis for GarverGives. That’s why contributions to STEM organizations come with a matching boost (a $100 donation receives a $150 match). In 2017, GarverGives supported 24 STEM organizations, and since its inception in 2015 a quarter of all organizations supported have been STEM-oriented. Garver’s contributions to these organizations have been so impactful that we were one of a handful of companies recognized in April 2017 in a resolution passed by the Texas House of Representatives recognizing companies dedicated to the support of STEM-related programs.

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