GAWP Annual Conference & Expo

Savannah, Georgia | Jul. 17-20

The Georgia Association of Water Professionals Annual Conference & Expo brings together water and wastewater professionals from across the state, including utility directors; operators; city, state, and county government officials; manufacturers; consultants; and more. Garver is proud to play a part in the event through networking and professional development to help advance the water and wastewater future across Georgia.

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Technical Presentations

Michael Watts

4-4:30 p.m.

Where Do We Stand on IPR? Regulatory Requirements Across the Southeast

In the last ten years, States across the Southeast have adopted or modified their regulations governing the augmentation of surface water reservoirs with reclaimed wastewater. In Georgia, the F. Wayne Hill Water Resources Center has blazed new trails in the implementation of advanced treatment technology to meet stringent discharge criteria to a water-supply lake. In this presentation, we will compare and contrast the varying requirements for implementing an indirect potable reuse (IPR) program– with local drivers discussed.

Speakers: Water Reuse Practice Leader Michael Watts, Ph.D., PE

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Michael Watts

3-3:30 p.m.

The Critical Role of UV Performance Testing During New Facility Start-Up

This presentation will share with attendees the recent experience with implementing spot-check bio-assay testing for on-site UV equipment performance testing. The testing procedure followed protocols published by the National Water Research Institute in its 2012 UV Disinfection Guidelines, and allowed the owner, contractor, and engineer to take a quantitative look at the full dose delivery capabilities of the newly installed UV equipment - with changing influent flow and water quality conditions. The presentation will cover lessons-learned from the two-day testing process, and tips for other utilities considering this approach.

Speakers: Water Reuse Practice Leader Michael Watts, Ph.D., PE

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Sean Scuras

8:30-9 a.m.

Planning for a Transition from Sewage Treatment to Resource Recovery

The presentation will show how planning to achieve water resource recovery can be applied to large and small utilities to achieve common goals, including compliance with discharge limits , energy efficiency, energy recovery, and resource recovery.

Speakers: Wastewater Practice Leader Sean Scuras, Ph.D., PE, BCEE

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