Devoted To DPR Advancement

The availability of freshwater is diminishing, while increasing demand has created an urgent need for alternative water supplies.

Garver is committed to the development of sustainable water supplies via the advancement of Direct Potable Reuse (DPR). To demonstrate that, Garver partnered with Dr. Shane Snyder and other partners of the Water & Energy Sustainable Technology (WEST) Center at the University of Arizona, which is conducting research on the optimization of technologies for the control of chemicals of emerging concern.

The centerpiece of this effort is the WEST DPR mobile pilot trailer that is touring Arizona. It's collecting treated effluent from water resource recovery facilities, sending it through an advanced water purification process within the pilot trailer, and providing the product water to local breweries to be used in the Pure Water Brew Challenge competition.

Garver partnered with Dr. Snyder, and other WEST partners to develop the concept for the DPR advanced process train pilot facility. Garver also funded the bottling of the WEST DPR production water for public consumption, participated in an Arizona-wide public education WEST DPR campaign, and provided video displays that present the role of water reuse in the future of drinking water.

"By demonstrating that DPR will create a safe and dependable water supply, communities will benefit from a sustainable solution to a growing water shortage," said Arizona Water Team Leader Andrea Odegard-Begay. "Relaying the impact of alternative water supplies is just as crucial as creating clean, safe drinking water itself."

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