IQ Winter 2022/23

Director’s Insight

Taking the industry lead in adapting new methods to deliver our services

More than 1,100 professionals at Garver go to work every day focused on maximizing innovation to assist with solving unique infrastructure challenges.

As technology advances and the needs and drivers of our communities change, we continue to take the industry lead in adapting new methods to deliver our services. From developing unique, custom tools to manage programs, CIPs, and risk for our clients; to visiting project sites and acquiring accurate point clouds of all existing assets through laser scanning; to developing 3D (and beyond) models, we are constantly creating and using software that improves the quality of deliverables.

A little over a decade ago, we were an early adopter of full BIM 3D design. Today, we’re using virtual reality to provide owners an in-depth understanding of the inner workings of complex infrastructure projects during design. The use of virtual reality tools for project review and markups can also shave significant time off of a design schedule. This is just one of many examples of our innovative problem solving.

In this issue, you will read about a fast-paced design effort at a WWTP in Alabama, a unique exterior lighting project at Dallas Love Field, a powerful data visualization tool to help cities prioritize CIPs, and multidisciplined building design services.

Garver is committed to continuous investment in how engineering and professional services are procured, designed, delivered, and constructed. Are you looking for a partner in innovation? Reach out to us today.

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