January 21, 2020

Odegard-Begay elected to WateReuse Arizona board of trustees

Garver Arizona Water Team Leader Andrea Odegard-Begay, PE, has dedicated her career to helping communities across the country develop sustainable water supplies. As a newly-elected member to the WateReuse Arizona board of trustees, Odegard-Begay will have a larger platform from which to promote advocacy, education, and the importance for responsible use of recycled water. Her term as Central Trustee will last through 2022.

“We work every day on the infrastructure designs that help our communities develop and sustain critical water supplies,” said Odegard-Begay. “However, collaborating with the state’s other leading water professionals to achieve our common goals is just as important.”

Throughout her two-decade career, Odegard-Begay has delivered infrastructure improvements related to water treatment, wastewater treatment, reuse, watersheds, biosolids, and the protection of sensitive water bodies. The latter works has included finding solutions for the challenges of growing communities and rising water demands.

Odegard-Begay began leading Garver’s efforts in Arizona in 2017. Since, she has focused her efforts on Arizona’s largest challenge: developing sustainable water supplies and identifying opportunities for direct and indirect potable reuse in the face of a persistent and uncompromising drought.

WateReuse Arizona is comprised of water professionals across the state that encourages and assists communities to achieve sustainable water supplies through reclamation and reuse.

To learn more about what Garver’s Arizona Water Team is doing in the state, visit our Water services page.

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