October 15, 2019

Garver aids inaugural Walk4Water event in Oklahoma City

Garver’s Water Team works each day with communities across the country to create and maintain clean and sustainable water supplies. Earlier this month, a collection of water and marketing professionals from Garver’s Oklahoma offices had the chance to make an impact felt across the globe.

Six from Garver’s Norman and Tulsa offices and their families joined about 1,100 others for the inaugural Walk4Water event in Oklahoma City. Organized by Oklahoma-based Water4, the event included a three-mile walk meant to simulate the journey some around the world take each day just to access clean water. 

A frequent contributor to Water4, Garver employees and GarverGives, the company’s corporate-giving arm, combined to provide almost $4,000 in contributions to the organization that raises money to fund water projects while promoting entrepreneurship and technology to solve the worldwide water crisis. More than $500,000 in total was raised during the event.

To learn more about Garver’s charitable giving, visit our GarverGives page.

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