October 07, 2020

Chowdhury to chair AWWA's Aesthetic Quality and Perceptions Committee


As one of Garver’s leading water quality process design and research experts, Water Practice Leader Zaid Chowdhury, PE, Ph.D., BCEE, works each day to promote the development of safe and sustainable water supplies for communities across the country. Chowdhury’s expertise with regard to advanced methods and innovative solutions for water treatment is respected industry-wide, too, as evidenced by his involvement on several American Water Works Association committees.

Now, Chowdhury will be serving on one more after being selected recently to chair the Aesthetic Quality and Perceptions Committee. Formerly known as the Taste and Odor Committee, Chowdhury will lead the AWWA’s committee that focuses on advancing knowledge and disseminating information to improve the industry’s ability to understand and solve problems related to water aesthetic.

“Our primary goal is to work with communities to solve their every-day water quality problems,” Chowdhury said. “But that wouldn’t be possible without the industry collaboration encouraged and provided by the AWWA. I’m honored to chair this committee with a new focus and commitment to providing even more innovative water quality solutions.”

In addition to chairing the Aesthetic Quality and Perceptions Committee, Chowdhury currently serves on the Organic Contaminant Controls Committee, the Organic Contaminant Research Committee, and the Biological Filtration Committee. For three decades, he’s been an integral part of the United States Environmental Protection Agency’s efforts for developing drinking water legislation by developing the Water Treatment Plant Simulation Program and other models and tools related to water quality.

His passion for education and mentorship is further supported by his 150 technical presentations at local and national conferences, his authoring more than 30 peer-reviewed articles, and an AWWA-published book on granular activated carbon (GAC).

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