December 23, 2019

Patton named to IESALC board of directors

Garver Senior Aviation Project Manager Ryan Patton will lend his expert voice to promote and advance the aviation lighting industry starting next year.

Patton, based in Garver’s Huntsville, Alabama office, was elected recently as secretary for the Illuminating Engineering Society/Aviation Lighting Committee (IESALC) board of directors. From this position, Patton will assist the organization in advancing its knowledge and experience and help guide the application of lighting utilized at airports across the world.

Garver is a dedicated supporter and partner of IESALC, an effort that includes sponsoring, moderating, and presenting at its annual conference attended by leaders in the aviation electrical industry.

“Through our work with IESALC, we see every year how beneficial of a resource it can be to engineers, operators, and federal authorities in charge of lighting our airports,” Patton said. “I look forward to working to enhance the impact Garver and the IESALC has on the entire industry.”

In addition to Patton’s election at this year’s conference held in Monterey, California, a Garver-led project was recognized as the IESALC’s 2019 General Aviation Award winner.

Garver provided electrical design, construction support engineering services, and funding assistance to replace the Blytheville-Gosnell Regional Airport Authority replace the Arkansas International Airport’s 30-year-old incandescent fixtures with a new LED high-intensity runway lighting system. The airport became the first in the state to be equipped with HIRL fixtures.

Garver also worked with the Federal Aviation Administration and the Arkansas Department of Aeronautics to create a plan that included Garver’s electrical engineering staff installing and aligning the fixtures to save the airport valuable time and money.

“No project is one-size fits all, and it’s our job to find the finish line wherever it is,” said Garver Aviation Electrical Leader Eric Farmer. “So, we were happy to provide help across all stages of this project, from design, to funding assistance, to installation.”

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