February 15, 2017

Mach to Lead Oklahoma Water Team

Garver recently promoted Project Manager Mary Elizabeth Mach to lead its Oklahoma Water Team. In her new role, she will lead the team in pursuit and execution of all projects that include water and wastewater treatment plants, distribution system and sewer lines, water reuse, and master plans for the state.

Mach to Lead Oklahoma Water Team

Mary Elizabeth’s clients will tell you how vital she’s been to the success of their projects over the years and now the entire state will benefit from the value she will bring to their projects,” said Vice President and Central Region Water Director Michael Graves. “She’s got the expertise, the work ethic, and the integrity to do great things on a large scale for Garver’s clients.”

“Nothing is more critical to society than water,” Mary Elizabeth said. “Oklahoma is facing a multitude of water and wastewater infrastructure needs, so we’ve certainly got our work cut out for us, but Garver’s Oklahoma Water Team is committed to finding solutions to every problem our clients—and the people of this state—are facing.”

Visit GarverUSA.com/Water to discover what Mary Elizabeth and the Garver Water Team can do for you!

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