February 13, 2019

Collaboration key in complex water and wastewater projects

Each water and wastewater project is complex, requiring teams of consultants and facility and treatment plant operators to work toward the common goal of promoting the future of communities through access to clean water.

In a recent issue of Rocky Mountain Water magazine, Garver Colorado Business Team Leader John Kuosman details the need for successful collaboration between operators and engineers in order to deliver such improvements. The many steps required to complete upgrades to our water treatment plants, pump stations, pipelines, and other infrastructure, begin with professionalism, respect, and grace between both parties throughout the project timeline.

The article can be read in its entirety here.

While touting the importance of an “intentional creation of a collaborative environment where the perspective of both can be successfully integrated into our projects,” Kuosman argues that a lack of proper collaboration can lead to failure to meet goals, an over-engineered solution, higher operating costs, and reduced efficiencies.

To create a more collaborative environment, Kuosman writes that operators and engineers need to understand the professional experiences of both, respect the budgetary constraints and deadlines that hover over each project, and understand that the end goal for all is sustainable water supplies in all communities.

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