March 27, 2017

Mach, Odegard-Begay to represent Garver at Water Leadership Institute

Mary Elizabeth Mach and Andrea Odegard-Begay, two of Garver’s leading water engineers each with over a decade of experience, were selected recently to participate in the Water Leadership Institute, a not-for-profit program that provides technical education and training for water quality professionals supported by the Water Environment Federation (WEF).

Mary Elizabeth and Andrea will be the first Garver engineers to participate in the Institute, providing them with opportunities to further their education and training as emerging leaders in the water industry. The program allows its participants to engage in management training and leadership development while examining the complex challenges facing the water and wastewater industries. The Institute’s curriculum includes web and face-to-face sessions, including June sessions at the WEF in Alexandria, Va., and a September appearance at the WEF's Annual Technical Exhibition and Conference in Chicago

​Mary Elizabeth Mach

Mary Elizabeth has been with Garver in several capacities since 2006. She has served as a design engineer, project engineer, project manager, and in January was picked to lead Garver’s Oklahoma Water Team, leading the team in pursuit and execution of all projects that include water and wastewater treatment plants, distribution system and sewer lines, water reuse, and master plans.

“I am very excited to have been selected for the Water Leadership Institute; improving leadership and management skills specific to the water industry will benefit me as well as Garver’s Oklahoma Water Team," Mary Elizabeth said. "But more importantly my goal is to apply these skills to further enhance water and wastewater solutions for our clients.”

Andrea ​Odegard-Begay

Odegard-Begay has almost 17 years of experience in the industry and has been with Garver since 2013. Her most significant work has involved the design of water and wastewater systems, including treatment facilities, pump stations, ground and elevated storage tanks, and water and wastewater pipelines. At Garver, her responsibilities include project management, planning, utility coordination with local and state agencies, and technical design.

"Participation in the Water Leadership Institute will provide me the opportunity to gather the skills and connections necessary for innovative, value-added solutions, to preserve and enhance water resources for our current generation, as well as future generations," Andrea said. "I anticipate the interaction with public and private sector members of the water industry from across the country, who will provide different perspectives on the issues facing the industry, and this collaboration and be the catalyst to effect change."

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