March 06, 2019

Garver opens new North Mississippi office

Garver has been providing its expert services for improved runways, taxiways, and landside facilities at airports across the country since the 1950s. In continuing to spread those services to the airports that accommodate daily need for travel and transport, Garver has opened a new North Mississippi office.

Located in Olive Branch, Mississippi, personnel based in this office will team with experts based across the country to primarily advance Garver’s aviation practice to new and existing clients in north Mississippi, northeast Arkansas, and Tennessee. It is Garver’s 28th office across 11 states, in which it has nearly 600 employees.

“Garver has long-standing positive relationships with airports in the north Mississippi area and our presence here will only allow for closer relationships and easier travel through these communities,” said Garver Project Manager Susana Cook. “We’re already working with the Olive Branch Airport and others in the region to continue to advance this rapidly growing area.”

Garver recently agreed with the Olive Branch Airport on a five-year engineer-of-record contract, which will include several upgrades at the airport owned by the City of Olive Branch.

Also in the region, Garver has worked with the New Albany-Union County Airport on a new terminal building project, and one to replace existing runway lighting with LED lights to increase energy efficiency and reduce maintenance costs. Garver has also worked with the Memphis International Airport on an improved perimeter fence intrusion system, and the Panola County Airport on a Master Plan update.

Garver is celebrating its centennial year in 2019. To learn more, visit our centennial celebration page.

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