March 26, 2021

Garver launches Behind-the-Scenes Operators initiative

Oftentimes, the crucial work of the water and wastewater operators in communities across the country takes place behind-the-scenes. While many of us don’t stop to consider what it takes to provide clean water and keep our lakes and rivers clean, these operators dedicate their careers to protecting our most precious resource—even amid a global pandemic.

Which is why Garver Water recently launched the Behind-the-Scenes Operators initiative. The campaign aims to tell the stories of the water and wastewater operators who, despite the ongoing challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic, have worked tirelessly to supply our communities with clean, reliable water when they needed it most.

Garver connected with eight operators across its footprint to extend gratitude and share the stories of how the past year, describing how it has impacted their jobs and how many of them pushed pause on their personal lives to serve their communities through unprecedented times. The firm will be sharing these stories on social media throughout the month of April.

“We hope that by leading the charge to show our gratitude, the general public will join Garver and celebrate these essential workers who continue to serve our communities behind-the-scenes,” said Garver Director of Water Services Jeff Sober, PE.

Join the initiative by thanking your local water and wastewater operators throughout the month of April by using #ThankAWaterOperator and #ThankAWastewaterOperator on social media.

Learn more about the Behind-the-Scenes Operators initiative, here.

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