March 11, 2024

Delta Regional Airport Project Wins 2024 ACEC Arkansas Engineering Excellence Award

The American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) of Arkansas recently held its annual Engineering Excellence Awards Gala, and Garver’s Delta Regional Airport Automated Weather Observing System (AWOS) Installation project won in the Building/Technology Systems category. The award recognizes projects that demonstrate a high degree of achievement, value, and ingenuity.

As an airport without an air traffic control tower, Delta Regional Airport (DRP) lacked an on-site weather observation system. The airport had previously been using data from a weather station that was not close enough to produce accurate reports regarding the weather around DRP. They needed an AWOS that would report weather information accurate to local conditions. The Delta Regional Airport Authority selected Garver to install and commission an AWOS at DRP. With the successful installation, the airport now has an on-site weather observation system broadcasting correct and continual weather conditions to pilots, enhancing safety for pilots, the public, and the airport as a whole.

“We’re honored to win this award, and we’re proud to increase safety for those who utilize the airfield,” said Garver Aviation Leader Jordan Culver, PE. “Having precise, up-to-date weather information is, of course, critical to aviation, and we were happy to not only meet our client’s expectations in this regard but exceed them.”

DRP had originally been using data from a weather station on an airfield 29 nautical miles away. This resulted in incoming weather data that, although usable, was not always true to local weather conditions. The airport required a more accurate weather reporting system for pilots to reference.

Not only did Garver’s Aviation Team provide planning, design, and construction phase services, but they were able to secure a better system for their client. The airport only expected to be eligible for Level II AWOS funding, but Garver’s Aviation Team did some research and discovered a new regulation that allowed usage of federal funding for a Level III AWOS at this category airport.

The DRP AWOS is now an FAA-approved source for weather information in the National Airspace System (NAS).

In addition to this award, the Garver-led Rogers Uptown Overpass project won an Honor Award in the Transportation category. 

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