May 28, 2020

Journal AWWA highlights Garver study on Oklahoma distribution system


When one Oklahoma municipality was experiencing persistent water loss – exceeding 70% during high-volume months – it partnered with Garver to better understand its distribution system and implement solutions to minimize those losses.

The three-phased systematic study that resolved persistent water loss was detailed recently by Garver Water Technology Leader Evan Tromble, Ph.D., PE; Oklahoma Water Team Leader Mary Elizabeth Mach, PE; and Technical Writer Jana Bendinelli in an article published by the American Water Works Association’s Journal AWWA.


The article, titled “Is it Real or Just Apparent? A Case Study in Determining Water Loss,” detailed the long-term problem the Oklahoma municipality had faced and a solution that included assessing nonrevenue water in the distribution system, prioritizing pipe renewal and replacement, and identifying water treatment plant improvements.

“Through thorough and extensive study, the source of the town’s water loss was determined, and a data-driven plan was put into action,” the article states. “The town was able to implement a plan that aligned with its CIP and prioritized the most significant water loss within the system.”


The systemic study led by Garver’s Water Technology Team included three phases. The first phase assessed nonrevenue water in the distribution system, identified areas with the greatest water loss, and suggested that the losses resulted from system leakage. The second phase prioritized renewal and replacement for water lines and meters throughout the distribution system. The third phase evaluated the water treatment plant to identify maintenance improvements necessary to maintain functionality while the study and repair/replacement program were ongoing.

Meter upgrades will track water losses more accurately in the future, and municipal response will be timelier when an issue is detected. The municipality’s system is also on a better track to lower its water losses now and in the future.

The full study can be read by Journal AWWA subscribers here.

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