May 20, 2020

Martin named to UAMS College of Public Health Advisory Board

Garver Arkansas Water Team Leader Jerry Martin, PE, was recently appointed to the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences College of Public Health Advisory Board. While serving on the board, Martin will have the opportunity to promote the impact that improved water and wastewater infrastructure has on public health.

Martin, based in Garver’s North Little Rock, Arkansas office, joins a diverse group representing education, state government, health care, and law. With more than a dozen distinguished community leaders on the board, Jerry will collaborate with them to improve health and promote the well-being of communities through education, research, and service. Together, they will work with the college to create scholarships and raise funds for endowed professorships, while also serving as advocates for UAMS and the college.

“The board exists to promote the importance of public health, and there’s no larger benefit to public health than providing access to clean and sustainable water supplies,” Martin said. “I’m excited to share ideas with other community leaders on how we can combine all our expertise to improve public health throughout the state.”

Martin, an Arkansas native who holds two civil engineering degrees from the University of Arkansas, has dedicated his career to improving water and wastewater treatment processes for communities across the state. He’s risen within Garver to now serve as Garver’s Arkansas Water Team Leader, leading a diverse team of engineers, scientists, designers, and technicians to increase efficiencies and operator safety. He continually focuses on serving the long-term needs of communities through advanced treatment methods and sustainable solutions.

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