June 18, 2018

Garver picks Kuosman to lead new Denver office

With a goal of preserving the invaluable natural resources of a growing region with sustainable and innovative water and wastewater solutions in mind, Garver has announced the opening of a new Denver office that will be led by Colorado Business Team Leader John Kuosman.

From Garver’s new office, Kuosman will combine his extensive knowledge of the local water utilities with the expertise of Garver’s water professionals spread across the country. A lifelong Colorado resident, Kuosman has earned degrees from the Colorado School of Mines and the University of Colorado at Denver, and has spent the last two decades serving various roles in the local water industry. In that time, he successfully led the planning, permitting, design, and construction of a $400 million satellite treatment facility; and helped establish and comply with nearly 400 construction, air, water, and biosolids permits for a wastewater treatment facility with 24 million gallons per day capacity; while evaluating new water supplies, optimizing existing infrastructure, and delivering countless other improvements through a variety of delivery methods.

“Colorado has long been on Garver’s radar, but we knew we couldn’t establish ourselves here with just anybody,” said Garver Director of Water Services Steve Jones. “We knew that we needed a well-established local expert to lead us. We found that in John, who approaches all of his projects with a strong passion equal to what he has for his home state.”

“I’ve dedicated my professional life to improving the local water facilities in Colorado,” Kuosman said. “But doing so while also preserving our invaluable natural resources is mine and Garver’s largest priority.”

Since inception in 1919, Garver Water has evolved into one of Garver’s largest service lines.  Garver’s Water Team consists of  research and development technologists, planners, engineers, designers, operators, and technicians developing and delivering sustainable solutions for water, wastewater, reuse, and all infrastructure projects related to the hydrologic cycle.  

To learn more about Garver's Water Team, visit our Water Services page.

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