June 19, 2023

Garver-led lighting project honored with ACEC National Recognition Award

When Garver partnered with Dallas Love Field to upgrade a lighting system at one of the airport’s terminals, the work helped solve issues related to glare, insufficient light levels, and high maintenance costs. The Garver-led DAL Exterior Lighting Project was recently presented with one of the industry’s highest honors, a National Recognition Award in the American Council of Engineering Companies (ACEC) Engineering Excellence Awards competition.

A prestigious distinction honoring projects demonstrating exceptional engineering excellence at the national level, the National Recognition Awards were announced during the ACEC’s annual EEA Gala on June 13 in Washington, D.C. 

“It’s so rewarding to be recognized by the ‘Academy Awards of the engineering industry’.” said Garver Dallas Aviation Leader Mitchell McAnally, PE, PMP. “Especially for a project that made the Dallas Love Field safer for all who utilize it and more energy efficient for airport operators.”

Almost a decade ago, Dallas Love Field opened a new terminal, but it was equipped with an insufficient lighting system that impacted workers and created safety hazards for pilots and air traffic controllers. Garver’s Aviation Team, led by McAnally and Texas Aviation Electrical Leader Matthew LeMay, PE, found and executed a creative solution to address those issues that ultimately made the airport safer, more efficient, and reduced energy consumption.

With an innovative yet cost-effective approach, Garver’s team was able to upgrade lighting distribution to meet industry standards, eliminate glare issues, improve insufficient light levels, and drastically reduce expensive lighting maintenance costs throughout the airport.

“We’ve had a long-term partnership working with Love Field, and we’re always proud to increase the safety for travelers, pilots, and staff,” LeMay said. “The project not only increases flying and landing safety, but these new LED systems are energy efficient as well, reducing operating costs and making it easier for these systems to be maintained.”

The solutions, coupled with utilizing Musco Lighting fixtures, have led to a 67% reduction in energy consumption, along with nearly $30,000 in annual savings in energy and maintenance costs.

This recognition comes three months after the same project was honored by ACEC-Texas with a Gold Award in the Energy category.

“I’m so proud to have played a leading engineering role in this project because it doesn’t just improve operations and safety now, but it will for many decades to come” said Garver Aviation Electrical Resiliency Leader Vladimir Stevanovic, PE. “Our job is to help our clients find the most efficient solutions to their problems, and I can honestly say, that our team did just that in this case.”

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