July 21, 2020

Garver Water to present at virtual AZ Water 2020

Garver Water to present at virtual AZ Water 2020

Nine from Garver’s expert Water Team are contributors to the AZ Water Conference’s extensive on-demand virtual program that is now available to those registered for the conference.

Originally set to be held in Phoenix but moved to a virtual program this year, Garver’s experts delivered prerecorded webinars detailing various topics critical to the water and wastewater industry. The library of presentations is available now and accessible through Oct. 31 by visiting the AZ Water Association’s website.

In addition to the presentations, Garver is a gold-level sponsor of the event, and Garver professionals play an integral role in maximizing the conference’s impact each year. Arizona Water Business Team Leader Andrea Odegard-Begay, PE, serves on the AZ Water board of directors, while Water Practice Leader Zaid Chowdhury, PE, Ph.D., BCEE, is chair of the Environmental Council’s Research Committee.

Full presentation list:

  • Water Technology Leader Eric Dole, PE, PSAP; The Best Asset Management Program Incorporates Energy Management Concepts
  • Water Technology Leader Ashley Pifer, PE, Ph.D. and Water Technology Leader Evan Tromble, PE, Ph.D.; Combined Modeling Strategy to Resolve Chlorine Residual and DBP Challenges for Potable Water Systems
  • Project Engineer Cole Niblett; Utilizing Biological Nitrate Removal for Drinking Water: A Novel Approach in Oklahoma
  • Water Infrastructure Team Leader John Malone, PE; Rehab Versus Repair – Maintaining Your Existing Pressure Pipe Assets
  • Water Practice Leader Zaid Chowdhury, PE, Ph.D., BCEE; Selecting Appropriate Technologies for PFAS Removal
  • Project Manager Danny Bauer, PE; High Five! Five Critical Elements to a Successful Large High Service Pump Station Rehabilitation
  • National Wastewater Practice Leader Sean Scuras, PE, Ph.D., BCEE; Aerobic Granular Sludge – Design of the First AGS WWTP in North America
  • Project Engineer Tommy Lyvers; You Don’t Know What You’ve got Till It’s Gone: Asset Management from the Ground Up

To learn more about Garver’s Water Service, visit our Water services page.