July 15, 2020

Garver Water to present at virtual Texas Water 2020

Garver Water to present at virtual Texas Water 2020

Water professionals from across the country aren’t gathering in person for the nation’s largest regional water conference this year, but Garver’s leading water experts are still discussing the issues that matter the most to the water and wastewater industry.

Texas Water 2020 will be held virtually this year, and starting this week, those registered can access a variety of technical presentations touching on various subjects critical to providing sustainable water solutions to communities across the country. Eight from Garver Water delivered prerecorded webinars that are available to those registered for the conference now.

Learn more on how to register and access the presentations at txwater.org.

The full list of Garver presentations:

  • Project Manager Wade Parks, PE; National Infrastructure Practice Leader Jeff Maier, PE; Barry Calhoun, the City of Bay City; Louis Rodriguez, the City of Bay City; and Jimmy Dunham, PE, Dunham Engineering; The Silent Killer: Balancing Municipal Wastewater Infrastructure Affected by Corrosion and Maintaining Service in Texas Communities
  • Process Mechanical Group Leader Andy Pruitt, PE; Operations Collaboration – Construction Sequencing to Ensure Continuous Operations
  • National Infrastructure Practice Leader Jeff Maier, PE; Advanced Pipeline Condition Assessment Technologies for Wastewater Systems
  • National Wastewater Practice Leader Sean Scuras, PE, Ph.D., BCEE; Small Footprint Energy Efficient Nutrient Removal – Design of the First AGS WWTP in the US
  • North Texas Team Leader Lance Klement, PE; Process Mechanical Group Leader Andy Pruitt, PE; and Regina Stencel, Dallas Water Utilities; Maximizing Basin Performance – Combining CFD and Biological Modeling
  • Southeast Texas Team Leader Dan Olson, PE; Integrating Performance-Based Failure Modes into a Risk-Based Asset Renewal Program for a Large Wastewater Collection System
  • Process Group Leader Rusty Tate, PE; Why One Utility Said "Screw It" - Revisiting the Selection of Screw Press Technology for Solids Dewatering Improvements
  • Project Engineer Sam Greivell; Dealing with Hidden Vulnerabilities? High-Resolution Modeling Can Help Locate and Address Collection System Concerns

To learn more about what Garver’s Water Team can do for you, visit our Water services page.

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