September 28, 2021

Garver-led rehabilitation honored by TXAPA

At this year’s 46th Texas Quality Asphalt Pavement Awards, a Garver-led project was awarded the 2021 TXAPA Quality Asphalt Pavement Award in the Runway category for its Georgetown Municipal Airport Runway 18-36 Rehabilitation project in Williamson County.

The project had been undertaken to rehabilitate the primary Runway 18-36, as most of the pavement was in a maintainable condition but deteriorating. The scope of work included overlaying 4,200 feet on the northern end of the runway and reconstructing 800 feet of the runway’s southern end. In addition to providing design services for the project, Garver also worked with the airport to acquire funding from TxDOT Aviation, which had expiring funding available through the FAA’s Airport Improvement Program (AIP) that needed to be obligated within three months.

With Georgetown Municipal Airport being one of the busiest general aviation airports in Texas – and TxDOT operating under a strict deadline – accelerated design and construction schedules were critical to success. Garver’s design team hosted several workshops with airport tenants, TxDOT Aviation, and contractors to develop a phasing plan that would work for all parties involved. Thanks to a successful collaboration with TxDOT Aviation and the airport, Garver developed an efficient and dynamic phasing plan to limit the entire airport closure to 12 days.

In the end, however, not only did the project stay on schedule, it only required the airport to close for nine days. The use of echelon paving, or multiple pavers working at the same time, which limited paving joints, was a key ingredient in keeping construction on schedule and improving the final product.

“The success of this project – and this recognition from TXAPA – is a testament to the collaboration of all those parties who came together to make it happen,” said Garver Aviation Project Manager Philip Huntley, PE. “As the airport’s trusted advisor, it’s deeply gratifying to see a project be so successful and further assist a growing airport attain its goals.”

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