Current Openings

Job TitleLocationMarket
Project Manager-WaterNorth Little Rock, ARWater
CAD TechnicianFayetteville, ARWater
Finance AdministratorWichita, KSFinance
Project Engineer - WaterNorth Little Rock, ARWater
BIM Design Technician ICollege Station, TXWater
BIM Design Technician IICollege Station, TXWater
Electrical EngineerFrisco, TXAviation
Proposal CoordinatorNorth Little Rock, ARMarketing
Proposal CoordinatorKansas City, MOMarketing
Structural Engineer-Water/WastewaterCollege Station, TXWater
Senior Structural Engineer-Water/WastewaterCollege Station, TXWater
Water Infrastructure Team LeaderNorth Little Rock, ARWater
Administrative AssistantWichita, KSAdministration
Finance AdministratorFrisco, TXFinance
Project Manager - WaterGreenwood Village, COWater
Civil DesignerCollege Station, TXWater
Construction InspectorAlbuquerque, NMWater
Project Engineer - BridgeTulsa, OKTransportation
Project EngineerTulsa, OKTransportation
Proposal CoordinatorKansas City, MOMarketing
Proposal CoordinatorFrisco, TXMarketing
Senior Project ManagerGreenwood Village, COWater
Design TechnicianNorth Little Rock, ARAviation
Project AdministratorFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Engineer-EITKansas City, MOTransportation
Project Manager-WaterHuntsville, ALWater
Project Engineer - WaterBirmingham, ALWater
Project Engineer - WaterHuntsville, ALWater
Engineering Supervisor (Building Information Modeling (BIM) Group Leader)College Station, TXWater
Project ManagerFrisco, TXWater
Project ManagerDallas, TXWater
Project ManagerFort Worth, TXWater
Project EngineerFrisco, TXWater
Project EngineerDallas, TXWater
Project EngineerFort Worth, TXWater
ArchitectNorth Little Rock, ARFacilities Design
ArchitectOklahoma City, OKFacilities Design
ArchitectTulsa, OKFacilities Design
ArchitectFayetteville, ARFacilities Design
Project EngineerHouston, TXAviation
Process Group LeaderCollege Station, TXWater
Civil Design Group LeaderCollege Station, TXWater
Electrical DesignerCollege Station, TXWater
Process Mechanical Group LeaderCollege Station, TXWater
Instrumentation and Control LeaderCollege Station, TXWater
Benefits SpecialistFayetteville, ARPeople Services
Process Mechanical Project ManagerCollege Station, TXWater
Process Mechanical Project EngineerCollege Station, TXWater
Technical Specification AdministratorCollege Station, TXWater
Technical Specification AdministratorFayetteville, ARWater
Marketing Coordinator - WaterNorman, OKMarketing
Marketing Coordinator - WaterGreenwood Village, COMarketing
Proposal CoordinatorTulsa, OKMarketing
Electrical Group LeaderCollege Station, TXWater
Senior CADD TechnicianAustin, TXTransportation
Municipal Business Team LeaderAustin, TXTransportation
Process Project Manager - Water/WastewaterCollege Station, TXWater
Transmission Line Project ManagerFayetteville, ARWater
BIM Technician IIFayetteville, ARWater
Project Engineer - Water ServicesHarlingen, TXWater
Wastewater Technology Leader (BNR Specialist)Phoenix, AZWater
Senior Proposal CoordinatorHouston, TXMarketing
Project Engineer - Water ServicesDallas, TXWater
Project Engineer - Water ServicesFort Worth, TXWater
Project Engineer - Water ServicesFrisco, TXWater
Project Engineer - Water ServicesWichita, KSWater
Project Engineer - Transportation - EITFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationSan Antonio, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationFayetteville, ARTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationConway, ARTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationJackson, MSTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationAustin, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationOklahoma City, OKTransportation
Project Engineer - TransportationFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - EITAustin, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - BridgeNorth Little Rock, ARTransportation
Project Engineer - BridgeSan Antonio, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - BridgeKansas City, MOTransportation
Project Engineer - BridgeFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Engineer - AviationNorth Little Rock, ARAviation
Project EngineerOverland Park, KSTransportation
Project EngineerHouston, TXWater
Project EngineerNorth Little Rock, ARTransportation
Project EngineerConway, ARTransportation
Project EngineerFayetteville, ARWater
Project EngineerWichita, KSTransportation
Program/Project ManagerEl Paso, TXWater
Process Project Manager - Water/WastewaterFort Worth, TXWater
Process Project Manager - Water/WastewaterFrisco, TXWater
Instrument ManNorth Little Rock, ARSurvey
Electrical SpecialistFranklin, TNAviation
Electrical EngineerFranklin, TNAviation
Electrical EngineerFayetteville, ARWater
Corporate RecruiterDallas, TXPeople Services
Design TechnicianHuntsville, ALAviation
Corporate RecruiterTulsa, OKPeople Services
Corporate RecruiterFayetteville, ARPeople Services
Corporate RecruiterGreenwood Village, COPeople Services
Corporate RecruiterNorth Little Rock, ARPeople Services
Corporate RecruiterOverland Park, KSPeople Services
Contract ManagerFayetteville, AROther
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerAustin, TXWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerGreenwood Village, COWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerFayetteville, ARWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerDallas, TXWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerHouston, TXWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerFrisco, TXWater
Collection System Modeler and Master PlannerFort Worth, TXWater
Civil Designer-AutoCADNorth Little Rock, ARFederal
Capital Projects Engineer/ManagerEl Paso, TXWater
CAD TechnicianHarlingen, TXWater
CAD TechnicianHarlingen, TXWater
BIM Design TechnicianFayetteville, ARWater
Aviation Practice LeaderNorman, OKAviation
Project Manager - Transportation EngineerFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Manager - Transportation EngineerAustin, TXTransportation
Project Engineer-EITOklahoma City, OKTransportation
Project Engineer-EITTulsa, OKTransportation
Project Manager - WaterFrisco, TXWater
Traffic EngineerAustin, TXTransportation
Senior CADD TechnicianFrisco, TXTransportation
Project Engineer-Hydraulics & HydrologyFrisco, TXTransportation
Water Infrastructure Team LeaderNorman, OKWater
Water Infrastructure Team LeaderHouston, TXWater
Wastewater Technology Leader (BNR Specialist)Houston, TXWater
Wastewater Technology Leader (BNR Specialist)Frisco, TXWater
Traffic EngineerSt. Louis, MOTransportation
Traffic EngineerSan Antonio, TXTransportation
Traffic EngineerJackson, MSTransportation
Texas Facilities Team LeaderAustin, TXFacilities Design
Texas Facilities Team LeaderSan Antonio, TXFacilities Design
Senior Project ManagerFrisco, TXWater
Senior Process Project Manager - Water / WastewaterFayetteville, ARWater
Senior I&C/Electrical EngineerFayetteville, ARWater
Project Manager-Water ServicesFayetteville, ARWater
Project Manager-WaterBirmingham, ALWater
Project Manager- Airport DesignTempe, AZAviation
Project Manager - WaterHouston, TXWater
Project Manager - WaterEl Paso, TXWater
Project Manager - WaterDallas, TXWater
Project Manager - WaterFort Worth, TXWater
Project Manager - WaterHarlingen, TXWater
Project Manager - Transportation EngineerSan Antonio, TXTransportation
Project Manager - TransportationBirmingham, ALTransportation
Project Engineer-Hydraulics & HydrologyNorth Little Rock, ARTransportation
Project Engineer - AviationFayetteville, ARAviation
Project Manager-Water ServicesAustin, TXWater
Senior Structural Engineer-Water/WastewaterFayetteville, ARWater
TechnicianTulsa, OKTransportation

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