2023 MWEA/MO-AWWA Joint Annual Meeting

Osage Beach, Missouri | Mar. 26-29

The Garver Water and Wastewater Team is proud to join others within the industry from across the state at the annual joint conference between the Missouri Section of the American Water Works and the Missouri Water Environment Association in Osage Beach, Missouri. Garver's presence will include participation in technical presentations on water softening and energy management related to the advancement of knowledge, technology, and application of water practices geared toward preserving and enhancing the global water environment.

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Technical Presentations

Softening with Beneficial Residuals: Pellet Softening for Ground- and Surface Water Treatment

4:15-5:05 PM CT

Softening with Beneficial Residuals: Pellet Softening for Ground and Surface Water Treatment

Many groundwater and surface water supplies in Missouri have high levels of hardness, which can negatively affect consumers’ perceptions of their drinking water as well as their hot water systems. When consumers implement softening in individual homes and businesses, ion exchange or reverse osmosis systems are common choices. Both technologies generate waste brine that passes through water reclamation facilities and contributes to salinization of receiving streams. This presentation will provide an overview of common softening technologies, including conventional lime-soda softening, ion exchange, reverse osmosis, and nanofiltration. Pellet softening fundamentals and an overview of pellet softening equipment will be provided, along with a discussion of how the technology can be incorporated into groundwater and surface water treatment process trains.

Speakers: Distribution System Water Quality Practice Leader Ashley Pifer, Ph.D., PE

Leveraging Energy Management Principles to Enhance Asset Management Programs

8:55-9:45 AM CT

Leveraging Energy Management Principles to Enhance Asset Management Programs

For years, traditional asset management has utilized ASHRAE Level 1 audits where a visual assessment of a critical process components, such as pumps, blowers, filters, clarifiers, tanks, pipes etc. are performed. The engineer develops an inventory list and a risk register by coupling the field assessment data with the historical maintenance logs. But this doesn’t tell the entire story. This presentation will reveal how energy intensity mapping and wire to water efficiency testing can significantly enhance the LOF accuracy.

Speakers: Water and Energy Practice Leader Eric Dole PE, PSAP