McIntyre joins industry leaders to discuss pandemic response

Director Randy McIntyre, PE, BCEE,

Challenges of the last year brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic have touched every walk of life, business, and industry. In the water and wastewater industry, some of the methods with which operators and engineering firms navigated those challenges will likely become the norm.

Garver Water Technology Director Randy McIntyre, PE, BCEE, recently joined other water and wastewater industry professionals in discussing pandemic response over the last year with Opflow magazine, published by the American Water Works Association.

In joining operators and other engineers from across the country, McIntyre discussed how the pandemic has impacted progress of some projects, supply chain issues, how some altered methods for design and delivery of projects will remain going forward, and more.

“We’ve been able to maintain quality and schedules, but we have to do it differently,” McIntyre told the magazine. “… As for what the new normal will be moving forward, I don’t think we’ll ever return to where we were before the pandemic. The pandemic has changed our lifestyles just like 9/11 changed how we got on airplanes. The new normal will be probably include a lot of [video conferencing] as a primary means of communication.”

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