City Builds Complete Street

When the City of Frisco, Texas needed to reconstruct 5th Street downtown, they latched onto the idea of providing their citizens with a "complete street," meaning a street designed not only for cars, but also for pedestrians, bicyclists, businesses, and beauty. The city worked with Garver and met with local stakeholders to gather meaningful input on what the community wanted to see in their neighborhood.

"We reached out to the businesses and property owners along the road and added value and character to the area in a way the neighborhood wanted it to be added," said Garver Senior Project Manager Quinn Spann. "The street is a more pedestrian-friendly environment, encouraging more activity in the area with outdoor patio eating areas and a visual connection to Main Street."

The city redeveloped Main Street several years ago, and 5th Street provides connectivity down to Parkwood Boulevard, which leads into the new modern mall, hotels, and the city's minor league baseball stadium.

"We're connecting an historic downtown with a modern part of town, and we're doing it in a way that gives this neighborhood a safe place to drive, walk, and bike," said Spann. "There's an unmatched livability that comes with being able to sit at the outdoor café around the corner from your house, eat a sandwich and wave to your neighbors walking down the street. Frisco wanted a complete street and we provided that."

"I continue to be impressed with the 5th Street improvements every time I drive it," said Frisco City Manager George Purefoy.

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