Long-lasting solutions

Not only did the City of Frisco desire an expanded sanitary sewer interceptor to accommodate a rapidly growing downtown and business district, but Garver delivered a long-term minded design with reduced maintenance costs and the capacity for inevitable expansion in mind.

Considering the depth of the Stewart Creek North Interceptor – up to 40 feet underground – and the intrinsically corrosive environment, Garver specified fiberglass sewer pipe and polymer concrete manholes for a completely corrosion-resistant system to extend the life expectancy and limit the need for future rehabilitation. The end result is a long-lasting, efficient system that can accommodate existing and future flows for a city that has grown by more than 150,000 residents over the last 20 years.

“More than anything, the city needed an interceptor that was more or less maintenance free, considering the city’s growth in the area and future plans along the route” said Water Project Manager Paul Banschbach. “And along with that, we specified significant trenchless construction to limit disturbance to the public along this bustling corridor.”

After taking into account construction costs, environmental impacts, future development plans, and future access and maintenance, along with other factors, the interceptor travels more than four miles underneath several creeks and the Dallas North Tollway, and near an area that is being developed into a public park.

Along with conceptual and final design, Garver provided construction administration, environmental assessments, survey, and utility coordination for a project that will enhance the city’s sewer infrastructure for decades.

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