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Appreciation of Trust

I wanted to take this opportunity to say thank you to our awesome clients. Our business has continued to grow successfully because our clients trust us to deliver the best solutions to their most challenging problems.

Our clients trust us, because we have the best people working for them who are passionate about what they are doing and outperforming our competitors. I have enjoyed participating in this trust building since I started as a design engineer at Garver nearly 28 years ago.

The passion starts by empowering our people to do what they are naturally motivated to do. Our people are incredibly motivated to act with integrity and establish a firm trust with our clients. We love partnering with our clients to optimize custom solutions for their projects. We communicate effectively and regularly with our clients, so they are not surprised about anything. We don’t miss deadlines. We minimize mistakes and own the ones we make.

And you, our clients, have recognized our services as highly-valued by continuing to hire us. Thank you again for trusting us and affirming the passion and commitment of our people.

We absolutely could not do this without you!

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