30 Crossing

Landmark interstate improvements

The 30 Crossing project is designing and constructing portions of I-30 and I-40 in Little Rock and North Little Rock, Arkansas, from the interchange with I-630 to the interchange with I-40. Work on I-30 from 9th Street to Bishop Lindsey Avenue will reconstruct the main lanes and bridges as a six-lane interstate facility, with additional collector-distributor lanes, decision lanes, and auxiliary lanes. The Arkansas River Bridge will be rebuilt, improving the navigational channel opening. Work on 2nd Street from Cumberland Street to Collins Street will be rebuilt along with portions of 3rd and 4th Streets. Eastbound I-30 from Bishop Lindsey Avenue to the I-40 interchange will be improved and restriped to four lanes. The eastbound I-30 to eastbound I-40 interchange movement will be reconstructed to allow improved flow to the northbound Highway 67 exit.

Based on the scope, complexity, constraints, and the budget, the project team, led by ARDOT staff, knew that innovation was needed to deliver the most important elements of the project. Garver seized the opportunity to work with ARDOT and invite innovation using Alternative Project Delivery (ADP). In this case, ARDOT staff and Garver worked together to select Design-Build-Optimize- Refine (DBOR) as a delivery method, which provided the opportunity for collaboration with the design-builder to set priorities and understand trade-offs with different innovative solutions.

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