Water and Wastewater

DWU Major Rehab of Raw Water Facilities

Reducing risk and improving system redundancy and security

Garver investigated and evaluated the diverse raw water facilities of Dallas Water Utilities (DWU) that include river and reservoir intake facilities, raw water pump stations, and transmission pipelines with 1,000 hp pumps and 168-inch piping. A risk quantification tool for determining core risk, weighted risk, and overall business risk was developed to characterize risk for the entire raw water system. Using the tool, capital and operational improvements were identified to reduce risk and provide adequate system redundancies. Garver developed a prioritization mechanism to assist in determining an implementation plan for all raw water improvements identified.

A raw water system model was also developed to fully evaluate system pressures, surges, and pumping improvements that can save pumping costs and reduce system risks from emergency shutdowns. Garver provided detailed engineering, landscape, and security designs for entrance at the East Side Water Treatment Plant to meet new City Landscape Ordinance and DWU Facility Security Protocols.

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