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Fort Sill WWTP UV Disinfection

Plant UV Disinfection Demonstration

In working with the Fort Sill Wastewater Treatment Plant in Lawton, Oklahoma, Garver provided the first application for a Category 2 wastewater reuse permit (unrestricted non-potable reuse) in the state. Garver performed MS2 bioassay testing of the germicidal ultraviolet (UV) equipment at the plant. Through measured inactivation of the injected MS2 coliphage, Garver could calculate the available UV energy for disinfection in the system at varying treated flow rates. Garver also performed on-site UV biodosimetry testing, and worked with the State of Oklahoma to identify treatment goals with chlorine disinfection.

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This testing was, to my knowledge, the first time the National Water Research Institute On-Site UV Dose MS2 Bioassay was applied for a UV dose assessment (for wastewater or reuse permitting) in Oklahoma.
Dr. Michael Watts Garver Water Technology Leader

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