Survey Team

Precise beginnings

Providing detailed assessments

The initial steps of every project are taken by surveyors, those who use the latest technologies and most advanced equipment to precisely collect the data necessary to support future planning, design and construction.

Garver’s Survey Team is made up of expert professionals spread across the country, all of whom are proficient in making meticulous measurements that produce the plans and legal descriptions necessary to make sure a project gets off to the right start. The Survey Team collects horizontal and vertical coordinates, and applies its knowledge of GPS systems, mapping projects, and data attribution to produce a first-rate product.

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Earl Mott, PE

Earl Mott, PE

Director of Construction Services

3D LIDAR Scanning and Mapping

Surveyors use 3D mapping to gather data that can be used to create a visual model. Having a model at your fingertips eliminates the need for multiple site visits and keeps all parties on the same page. Clients get a better product at a lower cost.

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