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Using UV disinfection to improve performance and flexibility

Garver provided evaluation, design, and construction administration services for Trinity River Authority’s UV disinfection improvements to the Ten Mile Creek Regional Wastewater System (TMCRWS) facility. The newly constructed UV facility is the largest low pressure high output, 1000W UV lamp installation in Texas, with a disinfection capacity of 65 MGD. Garver’s design included significant hydraulic improvements to the TMCRWS plant to merge all filtered flows at the plant’s new UV disinfection facility. 

Additional facilities include tie-ins to the plant’s water reuse distribution system, and sodium hypochlorite storage and feed. During construction, we assisted with bioassay spot-check testing, based on the NWRI UV Disinfection Guidelines (2012), to confirm performance and operational flexibility. Garver provided services during construction, including making sure all installed equipment conformed with contract documents. 

Throughout construction, we routinely informed TRA on project status through progress reports and meetings, which helped align client goals and project schedule. In addition to monthly construction meetings, we also provided analysis to confirm performance of the new UV disinfection equipment post-installation.

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