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Mountain Home WTP Improvements

Strategically mitigating DBP formation to meet process goals

The City of Mountain Home, Arkansas and Garver strategically planned for multiphase delivery of system-wide upgrades and expansions, including improvements needed to meet the process goals of the Stage 2 Disinfectants/Disinfection Byproduct (D/DBP) Rule and serve a growing population. Garver worked with the City to develop a two-pronged approach to DBP control.

The first included selecting and installing tank mixers in distribution storage facilities to minimize water age. The second minimized opportunities for DBP formation within the Water Treatment Plant (WTP). The WTP had limited clearwell volume, and the City had to apply chlorine to raw water to achieve the required disinfection credit.

To mitigate this, the City began feeding chlorine dioxide as a pre-oxidant and constructed a larger clearwell. Simple elements, such as provisions for partial basin isolation at the clearwell, greatly assisted operators controlling water age during low demand conditions and conducting maintenance while the plant is online.

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