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Russellville City Corporation partners with Garver for water and sewer utility improvements

For nearly 25 years, Russellville City Corporation has proactively worked to provide Russellville, Ark. with quality water and wastewater systems. Providing these quality systems required addressing future needs, and in doing so, City Corporation has expanded into a regional utility.

City Corporation oversees the water and wastewater systems in Russellville, which covers roughly 25 square miles. In addition, City Corporation also provides drinking water outside the city to an additional 240 square miles.

Through the years, Garver has provided planning, design and construction administration on multiple projects concerning various aspects related to water and wastewater systems:

  • Water treatment plant
  • Wastewater treatment plant
  • Pump stations
  • Water and wastewater lines including utility relocations for roadway widening
  • Water tanks
  • Master planning
  • Computer modeling of systems
  • Reservoir
  • Automation and control
  • SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition)
  • Following are some examples of the projects accomplished for system improvements:
  • Huckleberry Creek Reservoir

Garver designed the Huckleberry Creek Reservoir, which serves as the primary source of water for Pope, Yell and Logan counties. Garver prepared construction plans and specifications for the dam, intake structure, spillway, pump station, access roads, boat launch ramp, site grading, chemical feed systems, maintenance building, SCADA system and nearly 24,000 feet of 48-inch pipeline to the Russellville Water Treatment Plant. This side stream storage reservoir was created by constructing a dam across Huckleberry Creek, a tributary of the Illinois Bayou. It was completed in 1996.

Pollution Control Works Improvements

In 1999, improvements to the Pollution Control Works were completed. Garver prepared the construction plans and specifications for projects that included chemical feed facilities for influent neutralization; new grit removal and bar screen equipment; improvements to the influent pump station, primary clarifier, settled water pump station, biotower and chlorine feed; flow metering for various flow streams in the plant and SCADA facilities. Garver also provided construction administration and observation.

Pollution Control Works Equalization Basin

Russellville completed construction of an additional 13 million-gallon equalization basin in 2007 to allow side-stream storage of wastewater flowing into the wastewater treatment plant in excess of the plant's capacity. The equalization basin is concrete-lined with side access ramps, floating aerators, pressure relief valves and wash-down capability. Garver modified the plant's PLC programming to automatically divert excess influent into the equalization basin. Garver also provided plans, specifications and construction administration and inspection.

Pollution Control Works Outfall Sewer Line

Plans are being developed to provide a 20,000-linear-foot outfall line that will connect the Pollution Control Works to a point near the confluence of Whig Creek and the Arkansas River. Included as part of the project are stream crossings and two highway bores across Highway 7, as well as an outlet at the left descending bank of the Arkansas River Navigation Channel. Garver's services include preliminary and final design, hydraulic calculations, 404 permitting and construction administration.

Water Treatment Plant Expansion

In 2000, the water treatment plant's capacity was increased from 13 million to 20 million gallons per day. Garver designed the expansion that included converting an existing settling basin into a superpulsator clarifier, installing chemical feed systems with new lime storage facilities, adding filters with a filter control room and pipe gallery, a 500,000-gallon backwash storage tank with fill pump, high-service pumps and improvements that made the facility SCADA-ready.

Water System Improvements

As part of the process to improve facilities at the water treatment plant and enhance upon the Vulnerability Assessment and Risk Management Plan reports, Russellville initiated a project to construct a new chemical feed building and replace the use of chlorine gas for disinfection with a sodium hypochlorite process and building at the water treatment plant. Completed in 2008, the project included building a sodium hypochlorite feed building housing chemical tanks, a chemical dilution system, diluted chemical storage tanks, chemical feed day tanks, chemical feed pumps and process piping. Additional improvements included a polymer feed building with dry polymer mixing and feed pumps, a bulk flourosilicic acid tank and unloading pad, and an acid chemical feed skid system with associated process piping. Garver provided design plans, specifications and construction administration.

Two-Million-Gallon Water Storage Tank

In evaluating the water system's ability to provide adequate water storage for system use and fire flow, it was determined that a 2-million-gallon ground storage tank was needed on the north side of Interstate 40. In 2007, the $1.67 million facility was completed and consists of a prestressed concrete tank with a 96-foot diameter and a water depth of nearly 40 feet. Garver provided construction plans, bidding specifications and construction administration and observation.

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