January 23, 2017

Garver Announces New Owners

Garver Announces New Owners

Garver invests in America’s infrastructure every day through the quality of designs and services we provide our clients by hiring and retaining the highest caliber of employees. In turn, a select group of those employees are occasionally offered the opportunity to invest in Garver as a company and therefore further invest in our mission to provide sound designs, creative solutions, and first-class customer solutions. At this time, Garver is pleased to announce the following individuals as new owners: 

Nick Altobelli, PE, Jackson, Mississippi
Colin Bible, PE, Frisco, Texas
Wayne Black, PE, Jackson, Mississippi
James Grotjohn, CPA, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Lance Klement, PE, Frisco, Texas
Matt Koss, PE, Franklin, Tennessee
Blake Martin, PE, PTOE, CFM, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Aaron Stallmann, PE, North Little Rock, Arkansas
Blake Staton, PE, SE, Austin, Texas
Michael Watts, PhD, PE, Frisco, Texas
Adam White, PE, Fayetteville, Arkansas

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