November 09, 2017

Garver honors America's veterans

Garver is eternally grateful for the sacrifices made by the men and women who served our country, as well as those who continue to do so. On Friday, we will recognize those veterans who provided a safer nation by serving the military and who now serve Garver in our mission to provide that same nation with sound infrastructure.

More than 20 current Garver employees served in various military branches – a group that touches multiple business lines and Garver offices – and to them we say thank you for what you’ve done for our country and continue to do for our company. 

Wade Carpenter, Senior Project Surveyor, Survey, Huntsville, Alabama

Guy Choate, Communications Team Manager, Communications, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Colin Cordell, IT Intern, IT, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Darold Davis, Senior Project Manager, Transportation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Michael Hall, Software Support Analyst, IT, Norman, Oklahoma

Steve Haynes, Senior Project Manager, Transportation, Jackson, Mississippi

Bobby Johnston, Project Surveyor, Survey, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Matt Koss, Project Manager, Aviation, Franklin, Tennessee

Jerry Martin, Project Manager, Water, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Bryan Melton, Project Manager, Facilities Design, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Melissa Mixon, Technician, Transportation, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Jim Morris, Senior Construction Engineer, Construction Services, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Robert Mullen, Senior Construction Observer, Construction Services, Tulsa, Oklahoma

Randall Richards, Project Engineer, Aviation, Huntsville, Alabama

Lucio Rivas, Construction Observer, Construction Services, Austin, Texas

Jennifer Russell, Senior Project Manager, Transportation, Overland Park, Kansas

Wallace Smith, Director of Federal Services, Federal, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Kevin Sullivan, Senior Designer, Facilities Design, North Little Rock, Arkansas

John Vernor, Designer, AssetMax, Fayetteville, Arkansas

Jim Ward, Senior Construction Observer, Construction Services, Conway, Arkansas

Jeremy Weiland, Project Manager, Aviation, Norman, Oklahoma

Dan Williams, President and CEO, North Little Rock, Arkansas

Wendell Williams, Senior Construction Observer, Construction Services

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